Tuesday, 22 June 2010

You Go Away For A Few Days And...

..and you come back to find the garden has invaded the house. 

I noticed this sneaky tendril behind the bedroom curtain the other morning, and when I looked behind

I found that the wisteria, which I haven't got round to pruning yet, has decided to make itself at home and come into the bedroom. Once the flowers have dropped wisterias make a huge amount of triffid like vegetative growth which has to be controlled.
Actually, this is no surprise, and often happens if we don't prune after the flowers have fallen. I think we must have rather loose fitting window frames as this is the same window where the ladybirds find sufficient space to hibernate in the winter time. I haven't done anything about it yet, and anyway the colour goes rather well with my curtains don't you think?
At the moment it's heading for the wardrobe, and as long as it doesn't try to get into bed with me I reckon I'm safe.


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