Friday, 25 June 2010

Don't Panic Mr Mainwaring

 Calm in a crisis that's me. Like Tom Hanks in the Apollo 13 film. Houston we have a problem, we're about to crash the spaceship, no panic, we can deal with this calmly. So when someone (naming no names, but I'm married to him) rings up and says  sternly "we've got an emergency situation here, can you go over to the office now and ring me straight back", I waste no valuable time asking questions but hang up and rush,(but without panicking Mr Mainwairing) over to said office, all the time wondering whose blood is on the floor, whose life may be ebbing away, and in my hurry (but not panic) my fingers won't press the right buttons, don't panic, don't panic, can't get the phone to work, but eventually it does and it's engaged,dial again, oh god, what can it be, this time he answers... could I just look through the invoices for a missing delivery number as one of our largest customers won't accept their delivery without the correct number.

It's kind of an emergency I suppose, since they are a big customer, but it's not AN EMERGENCY.  I should have realised of course that I couldn't supply any life saving information from the office phone that I couldn't already have given from the home one, if indeed I even know any life saving information. But it's the word "emergency" that got me going, but not panicking. EMERGENCY to me indicates some kind of life and death matter, grievous bodily harm, falling off a ladder at the very least, and trying not to panic, definitely not panicking, but.. delivery numbers??. I had to laugh afterwards though. One person's emergency is another's missing delivery number.

Sorry, post has absolutely nothing to do with gardening or cooking. Back to normal tomorrow. Don't panic.


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