Sunday, 23 May 2010

Just Before That Cold Beer

Just a quick reminder to all you rhubarb growers out there, if you have any of these

which are flowering stems, then, pretty as they are, you need to snap them off as soon as you notice them and put them on the compost heap, so that the plant can concentrate all its energies on making more rhubarb leaves,and not seed.
And also, in this hot spell we're having just now, if you're finding it too hot to do any proper gardening, then just do the watering. If you do nothing else, water any plants that you've put in recently. It's all too easy to water them in when you plant, you think you've got them off to a good start and they can fend for themselves, but new plants have small root systems, and need watering during dry spells, indeed shrubs and trees need help for the whole of the first season. So do the watering and then find a shady spot, for a well deserved cold beer. You've earned it.


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