Wednesday, 5 August 2009

O Frabjious Day! Another Swarm!

I'm thrilled to announce that I have today captured my first swarm!

I was busy in the veg garden, when I first heard the noise, I looked up and saw a huge cloud of bees directly over one of my two hives. At first I thought my own bees had swarmed, but I knew, having looked at them just a couple of days ago, that it could not be them, and the swarm were probably attracted by the bee smells, and were checking out the hive to see whether it was vacant. Having found it occupied, they moved off down the garden, then across the lane and into a sycamore tree in the hedgerow, followed by me, with a cardboard box and a white sheet. I was lucky in that the bees were in an accessible spot, and I was able to knock most of the bees off quite easily into the box. I left the box for an hour or so for the stragglers to go in and then brought it back to the garden where I put them into a spare hive. This is the second swarm I've had this year, but the first one I've actually collected myself as the first one just arrived in the hive all by itself. So now I feel like I'm a Proper Beekeeper!

Sorry no pics, was too anxious to get it done properly to think about the camera!


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